#160 Smaller goals lead to big success / Embracing your flaws


In this episode we talked about some pretty meaty topics like breaking down the mountain sized goals into smaller and bite sized goals and also embracing your flaws as who you are and accepting that imperfections are perfect.


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#159 I’d rather have a life of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what ifs’


In the episode we discuss the importance of taking chances and risks and achieving the goals that you want to achieve rather than waiting for the results to come to you.

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#158 Stay in your lane … focus on you


In this episode we discuss the perils and downfalls of social media and how it can take a bad turn if you arent careful.  Lets all stop critiquing others and start showing some love … For us!


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#157 Nothing is impossible when I’m possible


In this episode we discuss what CoffeeTalk is all about and also the importance of taking the word impossible and flipping it around to “I’m possible” to make sure we stop self sabotaging and believe in who we want to be and what we want to accomplish and remove all the noise.


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#155 Comfort leads to complacency so, get uncomfortable again


In this episode fresh off of my vacation, we discuss the importance of always working toward goals and not letting those “comfortable” times get in the way of the greatness that you so richly deserve.  Dont fall into old habits, if you met your goal, make new ones!

#154 Taking the time to live your fullest life


In this episode we discuss the importance of time in our lives and how important it is to use it wisely:

Step 1: Take the time to prepare

Step 2: Take the time neccesary to achieve the goal

Step 3: Take the time to learn and reflect 

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