Are you ready for turbulence? Are you ready for adversity?

In this episode I discuss the importance of believing in your skills and your character when times get a little tough.  How we handle ourselves when the heat is on is a very important and true sign of who we are and if we don’t like what we see, then we need to change that lens and view.


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Many reasons why people are angry right now, let’s start to break out of that mold

In this episode I talked about the way that society feels right now and how we are cooped up and angry but if we all focus on positive investments and we all do it together, we can change the world.


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Success comes through failure. Let’s stop being afraid of the outcomes

In this episode, I discuss an audio I listened to yesterday about how we are trained to fear failure, to fear outcomes where we should be fearing actually not trying to jump in and try.  


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The importance of investing in yourself and surrounding yourself with good people

In this episode I discuss some of the difficult things that I have seen recently with social media and the opinions and negative actions that people have exhibited.  We are fragile as humans and we need to arm ourselves with investments and the right community around us.  Be aware and be focused on your path.  You are worth it.


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How do you handle and look at adversity? Contentious and Negative or Growth and Opportunity?

In this episode I discuss the importance of looking at adverse situations as an opportunity to grow, to evolve and an opportunity to be mindful moving forward.


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Can we get back to being kind and compassionate and supportive please?

In this episode (which I normally do not record on Fridays) is in reflection of 9/11 and the way the human race came together after the tragic events that are etched in our brains forever.  We can learn a little from that experience and get back to investing, encouraging and lifting each other up rather than breaking each other down and belittling other people.

Are you ready for adversity or are you just going to react when it comes?

In this episode, I discuss the importance of preparing for adversity.  Being ready for adversity.  Taking inventory of how you responded in the past to adversity.  Be ready to go for your goals and navigate the journey prepared rather than reacting as you go.


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Take inventory of who is in your circle and clean it up if needed

In this episode I reflect on those people that are there for me ride or die and truly are in my corner through thick and thin.  Do you have those people in your corner … perfect.  If you don’t and you are surrounded by detractors, you deserve better and you might have to clean some things up.  Enjoy the episode.


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