CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 129 Thanksgiving

What am I thankful for?  Will I have a plan for theholiday festivities tomorrow?  Will I be mindful?  Will I forgive myself if I am not?  You are worth the reflection and most of all, remember to BREATHE and take it in .. there are many people that are in less fortunate situations that dont have everything we may have.  Be safe everyone


CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 128

You gotta NOURISH so you can FLOURISH … you need to feed your body both nutritionally but also emotionally for you to then perform at your optimal speeds .. remember to invest in  yourself.

CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 126 (Halloween Edition)

Now you know I had to throw in a little creepy music in there for some effects on this Halloween but I also discussed the importance of taking note during times when you are vigilant and successful in your will power and also when you slide and fall (after you have forgiven yourself) Enjoy folks, be safe!

CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 124

Attitude and Effort Matter … A LOT.  I am headed down to Virginia for a week and wanted to catch up with you before I head out because this was on my mind … these two words, Effort and Attitude go hand and hand and work together but also can pull from each other as well so, keep your head up and keep grinding!