Live Interview with artist, Dave Conrey

In this episode I discussed the mantra of “Do the Work” with artist/graphic designer from Long Beach California among many other topics like social media, art, life and everything in between.  Hope you enjoy it, I know I did.

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Daves webpage:

Social media handles for all platforms: @daveconrey

TikTok handle: @davemakesthings

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Interview with Daryl Perry

This was a great interview that we grabbed the audio from the live stream that we did yesterday on YouTube and on Facebook.  Daryl is someone that I am inspired by because he has been through a lot, has traveled the journey and come out with a positive and effective message.  Take a listen to his story and where he has come to get where he is.  Here are some of the places that you will find him:

Podcast: The Daryl Perry Podcast (on any of the platforms)

Instagram: @yourlevelfitness

And he has another podcast he is coming out with soon that he goes into detail with.


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Control what you can control along with be proud of how far you’ve come

In this episode I discuss the importance of acknowledgement of the circumstances, adapting to the surroundings and creating a plan to move forward  all the while, knowing that you cannot control everything.  What are you most proud of is also another thing we discuss in this podcast.

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Creating a schedule during times of chaos creates routine and consistency

In this episode we discuss the effectiveness of creating a schedule even when we are stuck inside the house and not able to get out and about to do “normal” things.  What is our new normal?  How are we adapting to change?  If you create a schedule, then you can give yourself the structure to success … whatever success might look like now.  Are your goals going anywhere?  No, so still try to achieve them.

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Finding the silver linings in traumatic situations. It is hard yet necessary.

In this episode we discuss the importance of digging into the positives in situations where it doesnt seem like it is too positive.  With everything with the COVD-19 situation, it is easy to fall into ruts and trenches, but will we use this time to rise above and will be use it as a learning opportunity of fortitude and focus?  Which will you choose?

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Two areas to look at during these times … vulnerability and human connection

After seeing an interview with the amazing Brene Brown on 60 minutes this weekend, it got me thinking about our journey and the times that we are living in right now and the need to accept our vulnerability and embrace it along with using human connection to help us through it.

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Coping with Stress, Dealing with Grief, and adjusting during tough times

In this episode, I discuss the importance of dealing with the issues that you have and not avoiding them.  Create solutions to help them but remember one thing … It’s ok not to be ok.  We are all in this together and let’s use that to our advantage as we are navigating these difficult and strange times.

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Live Podcast on FB and IG “Things to do during our isolation”

Had a great Live session with lots of listeners and NFLN folks to see what their ideas that they have about ways to keep sane and tips to be productive and not feel like we are in isolation when we are told that we have to be in isolation.  Hope you enjoy!!

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Consistency is the key to our success … So, why aren’t we consistent?

In this episode, we discuss the importance of consistency in our journey and how, as we all know, if we stay consistent and vigilant, then we will be successful.

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Which Path Will You Take? What Kind Of Momentum Will You Build?

In this episode I discuss the importance and necessity of digging in when needed to create a positive change or momentum in your life when you need to get it going the right direction.  It is a conscious choice to make early as to which direction that you will take so choose early and often!

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