Coping with Stress, Dealing with Grief, and adjusting during tough times

In this episode, I discuss the importance of dealing with the issues that you have and not avoiding them.  Create solutions to help them but remember one thing … It’s ok not to be ok.  We are all in this together and let’s use that to our advantage as we are navigating these difficult and strange times.

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Work on the lens that you are looking through to change your true point of view

In this episode I discuss the importance of starting to work on how we FEEL about things and the way that we LOOK at things that we are going through.  How do you view others that are successful?  Are you supportive and encouraging or are you judgmental and jealous behind the scenes.  Maybe we should look at this to truly work on ourselves before we can become successful.

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Live Podcast on FB and IG “Who inspires you?”

In this LIVE we discuss with the members of No Finish Line Nation who inspires them in this journey and we took the time to celebrate in them and lift them up some.  Don’t be afraid to tell someone that they inspire you, that they motivate you, that they are holding you accountable without them even knowing it.  Outside of a couple of microphone issues, this was a pretty fun one!

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We all need each other … go out and find your supporters, your cheerleaders

In this episode we discuss the importance of building your “network” of cheerleaders, supporters and encouragers to help you in this journey, sometimes these folks are right in front of you and you didn’t even know it.  You have to be open to it and look around you.


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#173 Everything is gonna be alright

In this episode we discuss the importance of finding the positive or the silver lining in dark times to help us moving forward.  The old adage of “What doesn’t kill us only makes us stronger” is something to truly lean in on in our journey.


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#171 We need to redefine what success really is to be successful

In this episode we discuss the importance of pushing aside the societal expectations that we have of what success looks like and create a new definition of what that is for us as we are all different and we have different outcomes from the same actions.  Let me know your thoughts.