CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 119

You can achieve whatever you want.  I saw an image this morning that said “You only live once? False.  You live everyday, you only die once” and couldn’t help but believe I was meant to read it today so I talk about it on this CoffeeTalk!

Here is the latest videocast as well on YouTube


CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 117

We discuss the exciting things happening right now with us securing the venue for the NFLNspiration Sequel party in Scottsdale, AZ on 5.4.19, Our launch of 2KTM (2 Kitchen Tables and a Microphone … Instgram @2KTMic) videocast this Friday and making sure that you celebrate in how far that you have come in this jounrey and not always in how far you have to go.

CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 112

This is a small recap of the amazing weekend we just had in Boston, MA with a couple hundred of our internet friends and it all came together because of a couple things … We had a vision and we knew we were going to have to take some chances.  The end product is so humbling and amazing and cannot wait for May 4th, 2019 in Scottsdale, AZ for the next one to come out.  Thank you to all those that came out.