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CoffeeTalk Episode 144 – Be a little bit better than you were yesterday

In this episode we discuss the topic of making sure we are not setting unrealistic goals, achieving small wins, and trying to beat out what you did yesterday by small amounts giving yourself the permission to be patient in your journey.

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CoffeeTalk Episode 142 – Is it time to pull the alarm and get back on track?

In this episode we discuss the importance of reading your own cues and have the ability to pull the alarm proactively rather than reactively.  Do you know when to pull the alarm to wake up and get back on track?


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CoffeeTalk Episode 142 – When you hear news that upsets you, how do you react?

In this episode I celebrate in some of the loyal patrons that have donated to the podcast, I also talk about the feeling of defeat and how I have always coped with it and how to change that pattern in the future.  If we dont go through things, we never grow. to be a patron and help out If you want to join us in Scottsdale, AZ on May 4th, 2019

CoffeeTalk Episode 141 – What do you see in your reflection .. why?

We discuss a couple of important topics about self-love and self-image.  When we look in the mirror, what do we see?  And if it is bad, how can we fix that situation?


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CoffeeTalk Episode 140 – You have always had greatness in you … you just had to find it

In this episode we discuss a couple of the blog entries that I wrote about two different things that coincide with each other.  One is the fact that we well ourselves short when we arent feeling great and we doubt our greatness when we are struggling when we need to believe that we are great NO MATTER WHAT.  Also Rise and Shine is a term that we should LISTEN to when we use it in the mornings.