CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 132

This episode we discuss a couple of new ventures that are happening in the world of CoffeeTalk and then dive deep into self worth and not needing society to validate your worth but you needing to validate it for yourself.


Pretty powerful stuff right here

Take the 4 minutes to watch this video … Take the 4 minutes to read the words … take the 4 minutes to embrace it.

This is my #coffeetalk today and hit home like crazy.

CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 131

What is your definition of great?  Are you setting your expectations too high?  Are your goals achievable?  If they are, then you need to take a look at “rightsizing” to make sure that the path you are taking is going the right direction rather than setting yourself up for failure.

CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 130

When thinking about someone’s worth, what do we think of?  Money, Assets, Cars … when I think if worth, I think of much more than that.  I think value, compassion, empathy and other types of things.  What are you worth?  What value do you bring to the table?  There is a little exercise in this podcast that may help you!  

CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 129 Thanksgiving

What am I thankful for?  Will I have a plan for theholiday festivities tomorrow?  Will I be mindful?  Will I forgive myself if I am not?  You are worth the reflection and most of all, remember to BREATHE and take it in .. there are many people that are in less fortunate situations that dont have everything we may have.  Be safe everyone