CoffeeTalk Podcast Episode 102

Thwe only person who can control your destiny is YOU


Overthinking Kills your happiness


May 18th, 2018 #coffeetalk

Good Friday morning and what a great day it is!!  I have my dark roast with a splash of FF French vanilla and I am ready for anything. 

I was listening to a conversation yesterday while I was talking to someone about their business and I noticed something happening that really got my gears going in a true CoffeeTalk kinda way. 

This person that I was listening to was taking about an event that they wanted to staff to be present in the community and was a good business decision as a whole.  They went from being excited about the event, to then showing concern to pulling people out of their store to hurt their business, to whether the people will be comfortable working that type of event, to not liking those kind of events, to then re-circle back to saying he would do it because he was asked by us.  

He spun himself from positivity to negativity in about 3 minutes.  It really blew me away watching him go all over the place in his emotions and his overthinking everything. 

Now, think about yourself, do you do this?  Do you overthink your journey?  Are you focused on the negative and what will go wrong rather then having faith that things will go right?  Are you the type that doesn’t keep it simple but rather completely complicates the situation with confusion and complications?

Stop overthinking things folks .. use the KISS method:





Go with the flow … and have faith that you can do this … stop overthinking everything and live life and embrace everything going on around you because you might miss something. 

Make is a great Friday folks. 

Much love, Shano. 

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