Positivity takes effort .. but it’s worth the effort


In this episode I discuss the importance of setting your day off right and also making sure that you are keeping yourself in check when it comes to mindset and negativity because it is so easy so go that direction.


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Tend to yourself like you would your garden


In this episode I talk about my reflection while gardening yesterday and the effort and time and love that I put into my garden should also be the same that I do for myself.  Invest in myself to then be successful investing in others.

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Neither success or failure define us as a person,


Sometimes we define ourselves as a person from the outcome of the goals we are trying to achieve.  Sometimes we fabricate our truth based on what out end results are … either a failure or a success.  Neither one of those matter to be honest but all the stuff in between is what defines us as a person .. the stuff that happens in between the starting line and the “finish” line that we are striving for.

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Have you clearly defined success? Are you willing to change that over time?


In this podcast, I discuss my thought process when I was on a fellow podcaster’s (Wes Tankersley) interview when he asked me what I considered to be success.  It really got me thinking and in this episode, I talk about ways to quantify success, ways to hep change it when necessary and ways to make sure that we take inventory if we are on the path to success.

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Live Interview with artist, Dave Conrey


In this episode I discussed the mantra of “Do the Work” with artist/graphic designer from Long Beach California among many other topics like social media, art, life and everything in between.  Hope you enjoy it, I know I did.

You can also watch this livestream on my YouTube channel here:  https://youtu.be/TEG6ipURQQ4

Daves webpage: http://www.daveconrey.com

Social media handles for all platforms: @daveconrey

TikTok handle: @davemakesthings

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Don’t lose sight of your goals during these stressful times


In this episode I discuss the importance of keeping in tune with those goals that you set out for yourself.  Don’t lose sight of them and they are just as important as they once were to you no matter what the landscape looks like with them.

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To see the latest episode of 2KTM visit here: https://youtu.be/qRy7rlYUMOo

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Interview with Daryl Perry


This was a great interview that we grabbed the audio from the live stream that we did yesterday on YouTube and on Facebook.  Daryl is someone that I am inspired by because he has been through a lot, has traveled the journey and come out with a positive and effective message.  Take a listen to his story and where he has come to get where he is.  Here are some of the places that you will find him:


Podcast: The Daryl Perry Podcast (on any of the platforms)

Instagram: @yourlevelfitness

And he has another podcast he is coming out with soon that he goes into detail with.


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Control what you can control along with be proud of how far you’ve come


In this episode I discuss the importance of acknowledgement of the circumstances, adapting to the surroundings and creating a plan to move forward  all the while, knowing that you cannot control everything.  What are you most proud of is also another thing we discuss in this podcast.

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