CoffeeTalk Episode 136 – Are your limitations really limitations or just temporary obstacles?

In this episode we discuss the mental side of looking at what we are faced with and deciding whether the obstacles we have standing in our way are temporary or permanent and how to get around or through them.  Check out the new intro and outro as well … New Year, New Sound.


CoffeeTalk Episode 135 – Let’s stop making excuses and start making differences

In this episode, we discuss the importance and need to stop making excuses for all of our failures and mishaps.  I tell of a story of a young woman who overcame huge adversity to because a NY Times best seller and top of her educational class.  It’s a new year, let’s go and make life happen and not let life happen to us.

Major milestone for YouTube channel

Oh wow .. this is something!! We have been on the air for just over 3 months and we hit the 1,000 subscriber mark!! We love all of your support and appreciate it … keep telling your friends and family about us and we can keep doing this thing!

Here is the page to subscribe to:

This is our latest episode we recorded right before Christmas:

CoffeeTalk Episode 134 – Dont let a few nos stop you from achieving greatness

In this week’s episode we explore an author that went through very hard times to achieve their potential and what they truly believed that they really were in spite of many people telling them differently.  Can you guess who this person is?  Would you be able to overcome adversity like they had?

CoffeeTalk Episode 133 – Are you prepared for the upcoming holiday?

In this episode I discuss some of the most pressing topics that come up to us during the festive season … FOOD.  What is your plan to battle the temptations?  What will you do to occupy yourself during those bored “grazing” periods? Cleanse your pallette through doing good for others, and most of all, have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to each and every one of you listening.