Coping with Stress, Dealing with Grief, and adjusting during tough times

In this episode, I discuss the importance of dealing with the issues that you have and not avoiding them.  Create solutions to help them but remember one thing … It’s ok not to be ok.  We are all in this together and let’s use that to our advantage as we are navigating these difficult and strange times.

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Live Podcast on FB and IG “Things to do during our isolation”

Had a great Live session with lots of listeners and NFLN folks to see what their ideas that they have about ways to keep sane and tips to be productive and not feel like we are in isolation when we are told that we have to be in isolation.  Hope you enjoy!!

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Work on the lens that you are looking through to change your true point of view

In this episode I discuss the importance of starting to work on how we FEEL about things and the way that we LOOK at things that we are going through.  How do you view others that are successful?  Are you supportive and encouraging or are you judgmental and jealous behind the scenes.  Maybe we should look at this to truly work on ourselves before we can become successful.

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Consistency is the key to our success … So, why aren’t we consistent?

In this episode, we discuss the importance of consistency in our journey and how, as we all know, if we stay consistent and vigilant, then we will be successful.

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Which Path Will You Take? What Kind Of Momentum Will You Build?

In this episode I discuss the importance and necessity of digging in when needed to create a positive change or momentum in your life when you need to get it going the right direction.  It is a conscious choice to make early as to which direction that you will take so choose early and often!

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Patience take work … Patience takes effort … We need to be patient

In this episode we discuss the importance of not only having a winning attitude, a can-do attitude, a drive and a motivation to get things done but you also have to be patient otherwise you will lose that momentum and positive and forward progress.

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Interview with Jonathan Giordano otherwise known as “The Mudhustler”

This is a lengthy one on one interview with my good friend Jonathan Giordano and the life he has created as a social media influencer and recipe master in the kitchen creating things that we can eat and not feel too guilty about!  I enjoyed doing the interview with his as this was our first one and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording it.  A couple of massholes shooting it over scotch!

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Instagram: mudhustler_official

Facebook: Mudhustler

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