Be the super hero that everyone else sees in you


September 26th, 2018 #coffeetalk

So here I sit on this beautiful sunny morning with my cuppa dark roast with a splash of SF sweet Italian cream creamer thinking about what today will bring. 

You know one of the things that someone said to me yesterday when they were asking me about the different things that I am doing with podcasts, videocasts, volunteering etc… they said to me that they wished I saw myself the same way that others see me. 

Oh man, that was a definite, “I need to think about that one” moment. If others tell me they are inspired, they are motivated or they are focused because of me, my initial reaction is to defer and deflect and not embrace the moment. I don’t see myself that way … as others might see me. 

I bet that is the same for all of you out there as well … you have people in your life that look at you like you are a super hero and a warrior but you don’t think the same about yourself.  The mirror doesn’t match the window. 

Take a moment today and embrace what others truly see in you and be proud of who you are.  You are inspiring someone, you are motivating someone, you are uplifting someone. Embrace it and wear that cape like it’s nobody’s business for at least one moment …  trust me it will feel good and will change your attitude and view you are looking through. 

Make it a great day. 

Much love, Shano



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2 thoughts on “Be the super hero that everyone else sees in you

  1. Oh how true it is, my care manager is always saying how motivated I am. I know I don’t stop and take a deep breath and just take a second to look at myself. Awesome post keep them coming

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