We may slow down, we may stall a bit in our journey, just don’t quit.


April 26th, 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning everyone … as i wake up to some rain feeding my lawn this morning, I am reminded how great it is to have a lawn to feed .. I am feeling especially thankful this morning as i sip my cuppa dark roasted Joe like a scene from a commercial with two hands and a loud “aaaaaahhhh” after each sip. 

I was thinking this morning about the lull that many people hit in this journey where it seemed like at one time or another the weight was falling off like crazy and it is hard to not get frustrated with the prolonged “plateau” and I wanted to chat about it. 

Listen, we all have or will go through ups and downs in this journey where we will experience major highs and then extreme lows but the key to all of it is to never, ever give up. Always keep one foot in front of the other even if that step is the slightest movement of the foot, keep it moving forward. 

Like the image says, the only time that the wheels stop and the failure happens is when you give up. Don’t ever give up.  You are worth the investment to continue to push forward especially during the times where you don’t feel like it anymore. Those are the most important times to dig into what is most important to you and remember why you are doing this in the first place. 

If you haven’t hit a lull in loss yet, you more than likely will and take this CoffeeTalk and tuck it away because you may need it sometime.  And if you are at goal and are in maintenance mode the same situation arises … just because you hit your numbers and you have achieved your goal doesn’t mean the journey stops because slides happen … always keep grinding … there really is no finish line just getting better along the way. 

Have a great Thursday. 

Much Love, Shano

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2 thoughts on “We may slow down, we may stall a bit in our journey, just don’t quit.

  1. This message really hit home and gave me hope. I’ve been struggling for months…more off than on. I lost 100+, but have put back 23 lbs. over the past several months mostly from anxiety over major surgery for full hip replacement and the recovery process. Just finished PT with intentions of joining the wellness program where I hat PT. Now I’m sidelined taking strong antibiotics for access beginning under a bridge. I’ll get there, and I’ll get in the wellness program when I have this setback behind me, but your message today will remain in my email. You and Kelly always speak to me. Thank you for your continued effort to keep us all straight!


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