When you think you have exhausted all possibilities, you haven’t.


April 7th, 2018 #coffeetalk

Good Saturday morning everyone. I hope you are all starting your day off right and the weather is nicer then it is here (gonna get into the 30’s here) where you are. I have my cuppa dark roast in the Yeti tumbler to keep me warm and I am ready to go.

“I have tried everything” … how many times have we heard or said these words when it comes to different things? How many times have you felt this way about your health journey? “Nothing seems to be working” and we then get in the mode of giving up.

Don’t give up … just dig deeper.

We have to give ourselves an opportunity to dig into a reserve we didn’t think that we had … there are always more solutions out there and more motivation to find, the problem is, more often than not, we give up before find that we actually had it in us to achieve our goals.

When our knees start wobbling and the nerves kick in, when our plateaus that seem to last forever are happening, when we are faced with temptation to fall of the rails, when life is hard and health isn’t your number one priority, when what we have been doing feels stagnant and stale, this is when you find your fight, you uncover your champion, you get after it.

Sometimes I feel like I have to dig in deeper and find my motivation to prove others wrong as well, people that doubt me or say i won’t succeed or i am not good enough .. I will prove them wrong as well.

So remember today, if you are feeling unmotivated or defeated, dig deeper and lean in on your whys and the reason you are on this journey.

Have a great weekend.

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Much Love, Shano

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