Be persistent when times get tough and be consistent for longevity.


April 5th, 2018 #coffeetalk

I hope that you are reading this somewhere relaxing and comforting kicking your day off right like I am with my cuppa joe with a splash of FF French vanilla. My morning cup is definitely my happy place.

I thought the words that are used in this image are two of the most important words we can use on this journey … persistence and consistency.

Think about where you are at right now, some days you have to be that annoying persistent person pushing yourself to carry on and keep going .. the person that has to overcome the mental blocks we put up for ourselves … the person that defies what the societal norms are when it comes to social eating and gathering. Persistence is needed a LOT in this journey because if you want something, you have to go for it and fight through the naysaying negativity.

Consistency on the other hand is what causes those battles and fights to become less difficult because eventually the good behaviors become good habits and become your normal routine rather than something new. Also the consistency of tour good actions help to build longevity making this a lifestyle that has no finish line rather than a “get rich quick” scheme that we have all been through before.

The image is perfect in saying that persistence will get you to where you want to go and consistency will keep you there … no truer words are out there. So dig in and be persistent when you aren’t feeling it and slow and steady wins the race folks.

Have a great day peeps.

Much Love, Shano


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