All you have is NOW


February 16th, 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning team!! I hope you all are ready for an amazing and fulfilling Friday … I know I am with my dark roast in the Yeti with splash of SF sweet cream Italian creamer.

Ok folks in light of things happening all around us and the political buzz it has caused I wanted and needed to keep it really simple for me.

Read the image and you will read my thoughts … ALL WE HAVE IS NOW.

If anything in this journey, the old phrase is we learn from yesterday, we live for today and tomorrow is never promised. I am making sure that I am embracing my journey, embracing my loved ones, hugging those that matter, doing good for others, investing in myself, and treating today February 16th 2018 like it is my last and only.

Live in the moment folks .. be proud of how far you’ve come but BE part of today. Don’t regret not doing something because you were afraid to or apprehensive … don’t let life pass you by because you were your own worst critic and you didn’t like how you felt about yourself … shut animosity and hatred down and embrace inclusion and love with all.

We only get one of these chances to make great impacts and live life fully so start today … right here and now .. stop procrastinating and let’s do this. Take chances, take risks, step out of your comfort zone.

Have the best Friday February 16th 2018 you ever will have.

Much Love, Shano

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