Make your list and change your mindset.


January 15th 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning everyone. I am getting my day started off on the right foot with a tasty breakfast sandwich and a tall steamy cuppa dark roast.

You know it Isacco Monday morning and I know that although we try to say it is just another day and we shouldn’t treat it any other way, I also know it is sometimes easier said than done. I wanted to share something that has always helped me along the way … including today (yup I started off with one of those Mondays).

I make an attitude list sort of like the one in the photo. I list out the things that I am grateful for and the things that I am good at and then I give myself a set of things to do that I KNOW make me feel better whenever I do them. Then I execute on that plan. It sets my mood. (Make sure there are items like smiling more, giving high fives, hugging or whatever your comfort zone is)

As we all most likely know, the mood and our minds are what play the most havoc on our journeys and if you’re mind isn’t right then your eating isn’t right and your regimen is all off. So this exercise helps to get my mind right and tight to be able to have some success on a Monday (or any given day for that matter if you need it ).

The key to this exercise though is to WRITE IT DOWN. If it is on paper than it is on PURPOSE. You need to see the actions “quantified” and made real and not just an idea in your head … make it real and let it help you to be in the right mindset to be able to carry out your plan.

I hope this helps you if you are having a tough start to your Monday … be successful today!!

Much love, Shano

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3 thoughts on “Make your list and change your mindset.

  1. I was always told at my place of work(school). If it’s not documented (written down) it didn’t happen. This went for meetings with staff, injuring six of students , child left unattended by family member etc. I continue to make my lists. I love checking things off when completed.
    Have a super day.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here Barbara … I think it is so vital and important to write it down or document .. at work I email the person I talk to so I am sure that the end receiver hears exactly what we were talking about and there is a “virtual paper trail” or the conversation ever happening 😉


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