The best apology is changed behavior


January 2nd 2018 #coffeetalk

Good morning all you peeps working hard to make things happen today. I am here with my dark roast with a splash of sweet Italian cream creamer and it is getting my head right 😉

So, yesterday I was doing the parenting thing and talking to my son about something he had done that he knows he shouldn’t have and has done over and over. Each time telling me he’s sorry but never really owning the behavior nor changing the behavior because he was “truly sorry” which is frustrating as a parent.

I then began to relate it to my own journey here and am putting it out as a CoffeeTalk because, that is what I do, if you are new here I try to do daily coffeetalks to get my head in the game so be on the lookout.

Anyhoo, how often do i do this to myself? I apologize for my over eating but I don’t change the behavior. I say I’m sorry for binging and sliding down the path of destruction and I either keep going or I just feel incredibly guilty and then say screw it, I’m diving into that pie. How often do you find yourself KNOWING you were in the wrong and shouldn’t behaviorally do what you were doing but did it anyway? How often was I pulling a “my son” and doing the exact same thing he did.

Now I am not saying it is not ok to have off days or days where you will need to enjoy life, I mean those days where you just keep going and going and you make excuses rather than changes and next thing you know you are heavier than when you started.

You are worth taking the time to prepare yourself for when life happens and ask yourself “ am I making empty apologies?” Or are you making the changes necessary to own your behavior, change your behavior or be your behavior?

Have a kickass day today and make it your own!!

Much love, Shano

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2 thoughts on “The best apology is changed behavior

  1. Thank you, Shano 🙂 I really needed this, more than ever. I have lots of excuses: it’s the holidays, I’m off my schedule, it’s too cold….and I feel my depression creeping in as the pounds keep inching upward. I have got to do me, and little by little I’m getting things back on track. Threw away the junk, clean the cupboards, today will restock fresh fruits n veggies, back to work, well kinda…I’m roped into jury duty this month. Another distraction but I need to “work it in” and get it ok in my mind. Thank God therapy is today. And thank God Christmas only comes once a year. I have to tell myself to just keep swimming…one small stroke at a time do it isn’t as overwheming. Take care and Happy New Year!


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