It all starts with YOU

A2AE4CE4-351E-4314-9AB6-C95A4110720DDecember 19th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning all you bright eyes and bushy tailed peeps. I am here kicking off our snowed in morning with some dark roast with some sugar free sweet Italian cream creamer and I feel like I can do anything.

You know as I have reflected in my journey here so far I can tell you that one of the biggest changes that I made in my life was the ability to stop blaming others and blaming circumstances for my demise and failures. Let me explain:

Every single time that a dramatic occurrence happened in my family or in my life I would be overwhelmed with the situation and resort to poor eating or drinking to curb the stress. Every single time that anyone ever said anything bad about me or talked behind my back I would rely on trusty old food to bail me out. Every time that I would feel out of control I would just dive right in and embrace the chaos with poor judgment and bad eating.

I used my outside interference as a way to justify my poor choices. I blamed everyone and everything for my failures and never really looked in the mirror to see that I AM RESPONSIBLE for ME. No one else is responsible for me .. I am accountable for my actions and decisions.

Once I started to realize this, it empowered me to overcome my mindset of poor eating and stress binging to making some better choices when push came to shove. Have I been prefect, no. Have I always made great decisions when times got tough? No. Am I in a better place because I can see how i handle it and am prepared for the next time? Hell yes.

Own your path. Create your OWN outcome. Make your OWN destiny. Don’t let others dictate how you will go and which direction you will take.

Have a great day.
Much love, Shano

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4 thoughts on “It all starts with YOU

  1. Life in all is just such a struggle. Everyday. Everyday I get up with good intentions to have a better day then the others. It rarely happens. In fact, I can’t say the last time I had a good day that made me feel good about life in general. I should be thankful for all I have even though it’s a struggle everyday. Stress and life just get in the way of good choices.

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  2. I am so far behind in my reading. But this one is a great reminder as 2017 closes and a new year of opportunities and challenges open up. Keep on sending your message!
    Having coffee as I write.

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