Change one word in how you describe things and see how that changes everything.


November 27th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning all you fine looking folks out there!! I am relaxing here with my maple bacon coffee that we got as a sampler and it is pretty damn good (doesn’t taste much like maple or bacon but is a rich and dark roast) but am ready for this Monday.

Take a look at the image i attached … I found it and it stood out to me so very much this Monday morning. You see … one letter changes everything. It changes meaning, it changes tone, it changes attitude, it changes point of view. Everything.

This is the same with us. One word can change the outcome of your entire day. Instead of I hope, the word CAN makes a big difference doesn’t it? Instead of “I have so far to go” can be quickly changed to “look how far I’ve come”. Instead of just a typical Monday why can’t it be a GREAT day.

I am not saying to ignore things and be a Pollyanna positive Patty all the time but I am a person that believes firmly in the fact they WORDS MATTER. The way you talk to yourself, the way you talk to others, they way you view things. IT ALL MATTERS.

Try it this morning if you are having a bad start … change a word or two when you are looking in the mirror … change everything to I CAN AND I WILL and just see if you can change the path of your day to achieving goals rather than just hoping and wishing they would happen.

Have a great day.

Much love, Shano

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