If anything in this rat race called life, take the time to have fun and relax.


November 21st, 2017 #coffeetalk

It was great to have the day off yesterday and spend time with my beautiful wife shopping and going to lunch … I am off again today and will be creative and fun today. I have my coffee in tow and my attitude in the “awesome” category.

You know, we get going in the grind don’t we? We are working, tracking, counting, cooking, exercising, focusing, studying, prioritizing, handling, and grinding every single day in this journey and sometimes we forget as the photo stated, to stop .. breathe .. enjoy the moment .. have fun and be awesome.

How many of us get so fixated on the goals at hand that we forget to breathe a little and then the day is over and we are mentally exhausted? I know this happens often and I know how important the mindset is in our journey so getting the mind right is so important.

I started incorporating meditation or just plain quiet time for me each day even if for only ten minutes to breathe, reflect on the things I have and stop focusing on the things i don’t.

I have also set a goal to do something FUN each day. Everyone’s version of fun is different but whatever it is, stop being so “adult” and have some fun … lighten up and let loose a little.

I know many can relate to this so I hope you take away one or two actionable items to use to get back to the basics of life 101. Have a great day.

Much love, Shano

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