Why do we often go back to what failed us in the past expecting the results to be different this time?


November 15th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning everyone out there. I am getting ready to be in meetings all day so I need to bust this CoffeeTalk out with my cup of dark roast in hand.

This one is sweet and simple. Why don’t we learn from our previous mistakes? Why do we continue to fall back into old habits? Why do we do the things that failed us in the past knowing that it failed us in the past?

When my son burnt his hand on the stove once, he never went back … when a dog goes after a porcupine it more than likely will not touch one again. People learn from heartache and pain yet when it comes to bad habits, we tend to go back more oft than not.

We need to use our pasts to mold the future and know what we have learned and DONT repeat failing behaviors. Learn from your pitfalls and bad habits and create new, successful ones.

If you keep doing what you Did, you will achieve what you always did. Change the game today!!

Have a great one.

Much love, Shano

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