Learn from our pasts to help us with the future … after setbacks get right back on the horse

November 9th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Top of the morning to all of you fine looking people out there!! It is good to be back in the mix of our little chats and I️ have my cuppa dark roast ready to roll today.

This one is, as expected, about how to get back in the game. As you all know, the beauty in my life and I️ traveled to Mexico on a nice break and we let loose! We danced, we ate, we drank and we had fun like many do on vacations while being slightly mindful but not where we wanted to be enjoying the local cuisine and adult beverages.

Now we all know what happens and have ALL been there where the sodium and the sugars and the alcohol all play havoc on the immediate number when we get back and in the past I would have totally gone off the rails and slid back into fat guy oblivion but not now. The last few vacations I️ have put on some pounds but I️ get back and I️ get to it and I️ am back in the game. I️ have also come to realize that these are temporary gains because I️ always bounce back if I️ focus when I️ get back. (Again, different mindset)

Lastly I️ am posting this photo because it keeps me grounded that the temporary weight gained doesn’t change the big picture of how far I️ have come. This before and after #throwbackthursday is one I️ can look at and see the difference and remember 5-6 pounds don’t negate where I have come from.

Have a great day today kicking ass and taking names people!! Momentary gains do not define you. You are worth the investment so keep fighting the good fight.

Much love, Shano

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