Are you learning and growing everyday or are you going through the motions?

1CAF8AA3-0BBC-491B-BED6-D310DC50D970October 26th, 2017 #coffeetalk

I am hitting the road this morning so this will be a short and sweet one … well for me anyway :). I have my inspiration creating cuppa dark roast in the mug and we are ready.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with an employee who has been with our company for many years and something he said was extremely profound. He stated that he has to take the approach that he must be learning everyday. He has to keep it fresh and learn something new otherwise he would get bored and stale in his approach … that is how he made 20+ years work.

I asked him how he does that and he said he listens to others and tries new approaches and new ideas all the time to doing his job and he makes a plan around those ideas and concepts.

I then got to thinking about us on our journeys. How many of us get so confident with what we are doing that we then begin to slide and fail? Where we “assume” that the portion size is correct, or we “think” the calorie count is spot on. We get complacent because we are no longer in the learning phase and this causes issues. Like my co-worker, we need to learn new ideas and concepts, lean in on your tribe to increase accountability, get back to the basics and track, watch what others are doing and instead of saying that wouldn’t work for me, embrace it like a boss and learn a new way of walking.

Try it today and see if it gives you a jolt in to you mr energy and passion for your journey.

Have a great day.

Much love, Shano

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