You just never know who’s watching … you are inspiring someone.

2059BEE6-D23B-4FD9-AE46-A71D00F52525October 16th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning everyone on this fine Monday where even if things aren’t looking fine I am gonna make it fine starting off with a nice bold cuppa dark roast with my trusty sugar free sweet Italian cream creamer.

Yesterday I spent some quality time with some local folks walking for a great cause for breast cancer awareness and research. We were able to put a small team together from Weight Watchers that we raised some money and spent a nice Sunday together for an great cause.

While we were there a few of the folks were talking about how they read my CoffeeTalk sand listen to the podcast regularly and they really look forward to it then following up the compliments with some big bugs because of the impact my little words had on their lives. Holy cow. I don’t think that words can really describe that feeling except … humbling.

So this is what my CoffeeTalk is about today … you NEVER know you are going to inspire today by a small action that you make. You never know how you may change a life by a kind gesture that you perform for someone or something. You never know how you might make someone’s dark and gloomy day bright just by smiling at them or giving a high five or a hug.

Folks, each and ever one of you are inspirational and amazing in your own way and by helping others through those strengths that you have, you are essentially helping yourself .. you are inspiring and motivating even when you don’t think that you are.

Remember that today … no matter where you are in this journey you are setting examples and inspiring someone out there so keep at it, keep sharing, keep posting, keep smiling and on those bad days that will come, remember that you are inspiring someone out there.

Have a great day.

Much Love, Shano

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2 thoughts on “You just never know who’s watching … you are inspiring someone.

  1. Shane, I am so grateful to call you my friend! If someone asked me to describe you, I would have to say: he’s one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met and ALWAYS in it to help the other guy! I hope YOU have an awesome day!

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