What is the one word that describes you? What will you do with that word to set yourself up for success moving forward?

October 4th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning all of my internet friends and family. I am sitting here with a piping hot cuppa dark roast with a splash of sugar free pumpkin spice creamer and with the chill in the air in the mornings it is very fitting. Kicking my day off on a definite high note.

I was thinking yesterday about an exercise that someone posted somewhere the other day where they asked the question about if you had to list the things that you loved, why isn’t it really every yourself in that list. I know we talk about this all of the time and self-image is something that most every single one of us struggle with in all ways.

Then I got to thinking and I know we have listed out our qualities that we are proud of but this exercise will be a little different today. I want you all to take about 5 seconds .. you can’t take too much time to think about it because you want to really feel what the first thing that comes to mind is, but I want you to say or write the very first thing that comes to mind to describe yourself.

Don’t think about it, just write it down quickly.

Then you can see what kind of view you are looking at yourself today. If you are having a bad morning, I wonder how much that descriptor word will differ from if you are having a great and fulfilling day. I also wonder what role outside influences will play in this equation as well. If there are financial troubles what does that do for your personal view or if family is sick, what kind of personal view does that cause.

If you want, please type in the comments that word that you wrote down to QUANTIFY it … good bad or indifferent, writing it down makes a huge difference.

Then you can take what you write down and type in, and do something to change your lens you are looking through at yourself if it is bad and also lean in on the positive word that you might have listed to describe yourself.

Remember one word only.

Hopefully it gets the brain thinking today .. I know mine is.

Much Love, Shane

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