Let’s change the narrative and start to believe in ourselves today.


September 10, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning everyone out there on this Sunday morning and if you are in the eye of the storm, stay safe and prayers are sent. I am here with my cuppa joe and my can do attitude watching the sun come up through our trees here in Scarborough Maine.

This image that I attached is one that stood out to me because I feel in my life I do two things when it comes to my failures and successes in this health journey. I blame others and I celebrate others and never really look at myself and the work I put in or the work I didn’t put in.

Let me explain … in the past when I gained weight or was lazy or ate horribly I always blamed it on circumstance or blamed it on people around me causing stress or angst or anger but I didn’t take ownership of the way I responded to the surroundings or circumstances I just blamed others for putting me there. Then, if I was successful I was quick to say it was something else that caused the success so, when someone said “hey man, you are looking great how did you do it? I would answer oh man it is a work in progress or eating right or something offhand without embracing the actual thing that I was busting my butt doing … like being a dude telling others about weight watchers was tough for me. Embrace it.

You see the story in this photo … the bird has faith in its wings … it believes in itself because it is a matter of life and death and knows if it doesn’t then it could lead to doom and gloom. It doesn’t need the strength of the branch or outside influences to hold him up or blame them if the branch breaks, it knows it is good enough and powerful enough to get through ANYTHING.

Do you feel that way about YOU? Look at that today … and start to at least turn the corner of BELIEVING IN YOURSELF. BELIEVE IN YOUR ABILITIES. BELIEVE IN YOUR CAPABILITIES.

Have a great day.

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Much Love, Shano

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2 thoughts on “Let’s change the narrative and start to believe in ourselves today.

  1. Excellent, Shano! I am totally guilty of blaming others (my husband) or the the situation (going out for a few drinks, etc) when I make bad choices. That’s it! I made that “choice”…and I’m becoming so much more aware and stronger towards this “peer pressure” (as I alway referred to it) that I can voice my reasons why I do not want to partake or I realize that I now make better choices if I do. Because hey, it is life, it’s living and being present without sacrificing my needs and my relationship with loved ones. Your talks have helped me through my journey sooooo much! Keep up the great work! 🙂

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