Why do we always focus on how far we have to go rather than how far we’ve come?

IMG_6159September 5th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning to all of you out there across the land getting ready to head into your post Labor Day workweek. I am here with coffee in tow and am ready to go.

I was sitting here thinking to myself as I was looking in the mirror headed downstairs to perform my normal morning routine that I was proud of how far I’ve come even when I am faced with adversity.

Most of us here all are looking to get to a goal or a finish line when we first start in our journey and we are focused on that and not really taking inventory along the way as to how far we’ve come in this journey. We sometimes feel as if what we have done is not good enough because we are so far from where we want to go when we should really focus on how far we have come so far and use that to drive our success moving forward.

Then you might think, “I just started so this doesn’t relate to me”. I then say hogwash pal, you started … that’s what matters .. you are in a better place then you were yesterday when you weren’t starting and you were continuing with your poor habits and choices.

I am only about 12 pounds from my goal weight and although it feels like a mountain sized amount with the leveled plateau I have felt … I need to remember how freaking far I have come … how deep I’ve dug in and grinder through holidays, vacations, depression, drama and everything else … I should be damn proud of where I have been.

So should you.

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Much Love, Shano

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4 thoughts on “Why do we always focus on how far we have to go rather than how far we’ve come?

  1. I definitely needed to hear this. When I look in the mirror I feel so proud of myself for the 30 pounds I have lost. When I try clothes on that haven’t fit for years, I am still amazed! But yesterday I went to a neighborhood party and had three small desserts. Not wise especially the day before weigh in. So I’m going to go and weigh in and listen to my leader and get back on track. No parties or barbecues in the near future so I hope to get back into the routine and remember how far I have come. That’s the most important part of this journey! Thanks for reminding me.

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  2. I can really relate to this morning’s Coffee Talk.

    I have been on this particular weight management journey for about 4 or 5 years. Isn’t that sad that I don’t remember exactly when I started, but it’s very good that I did.

    Anyway, initially to reach the top of WW’s range, I would have had to lose about 165, then my doctor changed that goal, so that I only had to lose 150 (his idea, not mine).

    I remember those heady days of working to get “The Keys To The Kingdom,” that little piece of bling recognizing that I had achieved Lifetime status.

    Well, it never happened, and it’s okay that it hasn’t, because I chose to focus on keeping the weight that I’ve lost, lost. That amounts to around 130 lbs.

    But, back to celebrating how I celebrate that weight loss.

    In those heady days of trying to achieve goal, I decided on a gift for myself when I had not only achieved Lifetime, but stayed there for one year.

    It was a diamond pendant to wear around my neck, which consisted of 3 one-half carat emerald cut, yellow diamonds. Each half carat celebrating 50 lbs. lost.

    Jump ahead to a few weeks ago.

    I was at an arts festival in Laguna Beach, CA, and I found a beautiful pendant, that has five small diamonds, and an Australian opal. I decided to buy it.

    Then I began to look at it, and realized that I had bought myself a “consolation prize” of sorts.

    I realized that I had kept over 100 lbs. off for over 3 years, even though I never achieved my goal weight and Lifetime status, and I deserved to celebrate that achievement.

    So, to me, when I look at it, each little diamond celebrates 25 lbs. lost, and that opal is my hopes for the future.

    So, let’s all celebrate how far we’ve come, while realizing that we have more to go, no matter if we’re Lifetime, or working towards it.

    And, don’t forget to celebrate other areas of our lives that have nothing to do w/our weight.


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