Do you listen? Do you live? Do you see?

September 3rd, 2017 #coffeetalk


Top of the morning to all of you fine, hard working and dedicated folks out there … working your plans in our quest for health and longer lives. I am sitting here with my cup of dark roast before I head out to watch my son play in his first game with 7th and 8th graders as a wide receiver and I am more nervous than can be.

I saw this photo yesterday and it really resonated with me in my journey because all three of these areas are ones that I have improved on and fully invested my time and energy on. I haven’t necessarily focused on scale work, or weight management but rather the stuff it takes to change with the gray matter. This is the stuff that has changed my life for the better and given me perspective on things when it comes to challenges and how to cope with things when they come my way.

Do you REALLY listen when people speak or when things are happening? Do you listen to find clarity or answers or do you listen for you to give answers? This is key I think because are you learning or teaching. … are you soaking things in or directing others to go?

Are you EXISTING or do you look to live live fully? This is a tough one because some days we have to push ourselves to even get out of bed but we have to approach life with win and vigor … MAXIMIZE YOUR DAY … LIVE your life fully.

Lastly are you SEEING the things as you are looking at or are you skimming over and missing the important and relevant things because the noise is drowning out the beauty.

These three areas have changed my life and changed my point of view in this journey .. I have met people that have pushed me to take chances I might not have before because I am worth the risk.

Have a great day everyone!

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Much Love, Shano

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