Do the chaotic parts of our lives prepare us for the future that we are faced with?

Good morning everyone, I hope that all of you are rising and shining as well as I am with the assistance of the old cuppa joe with a splash of the liquid gold that is perfect for my plan.  The birds are tweeting out there and the garden is starting to produce some really great products for us to eat!


I was thinking as I was on the road for a couple of hours yesterday about my journey and when I have learned the most when navigating it and I would have to say that I have learned that I master my skill set around binges and drama the most when it happens in my real life.  I almost think that most of the things that I have been through has been talent builders of what to do and what not to do when it happens again in life.

You know, for work or school, we go to train and we learn an entire curriculum about what it is that we are doing and we put time and effort into learning about the ins and outs of the topic.  I feel that as we are navigating our dramatic life, our mental brainfarts, and out binge driven situations, I treat them the same and I study how I responded, how I acted and how I navigated the situation, whether I was successful in it or not.

I am building the case that I am in health school and I am learning every day of how to prepare myself for the rest of my life.  I can learn about choices, another course can be around triggers, another class could be around stress eating and the list could go on and on but here is where I am going with this.  Use it as a guideline and template for the rest of your life.

Take notes, when the bad stuff is happening and the good things are going on.  How did you do in that celebration birthday dinner … what we re your choices and how did you feel?  How did you do when your grandfather passed away?  What did you do health wise to help you or did you just dive into a full blueberry pie?  How did you respond to your co-worker getting the raise that you felt you deserved?  How did you respond and what did you do to move on from that situation without eating your feelings?

You see where I am going with this?  Take notes.  If you havent already, start a journal to document and save all of your thoughts in life so you can be prepared in the future for when it happens again because more than likely this life deals some pretty crappy cards sometimes and how we respond will make all the difference in the world on our health and well-being.

Have a great day today and be sure to take inventory of your feelings and your thoughts today you will be surprised on how you feel and you respond when you actually look at it from a birds-eye view.

4 thoughts on “Do the chaotic parts of our lives prepare us for the future that we are faced with?

  1. Thank you….excellent way to “spell it out” to us and it is all so very true, so very necessary. I’ve personally learned that going out for a few drinks usually ends up badly…for all involed. So, without the gory details, I’ve finally learned and now just importantly HE has learned that we need to pick different options for date night. Because after all, it is all bout me and I’m the one who needs to be my own advocate. Have a great day, Shano! 🙂

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  2. When we take a birds eye view of the milestones in our lives we connect the dots and see how we were honing our skills of preparedness for all life that comes to our door. Like idea of writing a reference book for ourselves, I love journaling. Another great vlog Shane, love that you claim your food addiction, so many of us ignore this key point to our success in our weight loss journey. Off sugar and off flour as I am an addict.

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