Investing in others is a way to invest in yourself.

Good morning my friends out there sipping on coffee and still in wonderment of some of the beautiful photos that were shared from the eclipse yesterday (and every time I talked about it I wanted to sing total eclipse of the heart out loud … jus sayin’) as I am sitting here sipping my dark roast blend with a splash of sugar-free sweet italian cream creamer (my total go-to).

You know, a lot of the times that we are chatting through #coffeetalk we are discussing the importance of investing in one’s self before being able to truly help others.  There is a boat load of value to that statement and it hold a lot of merit when it comes to your own personal journey because we sometimes lose sight of the goal or the target because we become too busy with tending to others.  (which is one of the reasons you will hear moms and dads say, although they love their children dearly, they are excited school is starting because they can get back to “normal” again .. back to the routine)

So, I want to talk about something that is important while you are focusing on yourself and that is volunteering and giving back to the community and helping others.  Now, didn’t I just say that we need to help ourselves first for us to be able to help others?  Yes, but there should be a balance.

If you invest in others one of the other areas that we are working on in this health journey is our hearts.  Are we eating food for the soul along with fuel for the body and food for the mind?  The hearts need to be filled and if you do things like volunteer or help others in times of need, then you are helping yourself to feel good, to feel like you made a difference, to feel like you matter in this crazy world.

Ask anyone who regularly does it .. there is no other feeling like it .. it is a euphoric feeling that fills your heart with warmth and fuzzies.

So, try it today, sign up to volunteer at your local food kitchen, raise money for a pantry, do a food drive for a shelter, donate time for blood drives, volunteer to clean trails or help at elderly homes … there are so many opportunities for you to invest in yourself by investing in others.

Have a great day.

One thought on “Investing in others is a way to invest in yourself.

  1. I’m proud to say that I’m a volunteer for hospice. I’ve done this for almost two yrs and currently I have six patients I see weekly. The amount of time I spend w pts. varies and the service I perform can range from reading sports page, giving hand massage, reading spiritual literature, or just listening to their stories. Family members are grateful for the respite time I can offer them so they can just run errands.
    People on truly their last chapter of life have wisdom and courage to share. I learn from them. Spending time with pts. is so gratifying and it gets me out of my own head. I love it.

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