Be the best version of YOU and not what others say you need to be … stop comparing.

Good morning all my friends out there in imaginary land of the inter webs!!  I have my dark roast with a splash of sugar-free sweet italian cream creamer in tow and I am ready to carry out my plan of the day!!

Yesterday, as I was walking the beach with my son and we were strolling along the shoreline of Scarborough, ME on a beautifully sunny day, he noticed a small hermit crab scurrying as fast as it could to get to the water.  I mean this little dude was hauling crab tail and giving everything he had to get to the promised land and he was giving it ITS all!

Now we were talking about it when it took a while for it to get there and my son was talking about how hard it was for the crab to push itself, and I asked him if the crab thought the effort was worth it getting to where he wanted to go and he said yes.  I then took the fatherly advice side and helped to correlate it to school as he heads into the 7th grade in a few short weeks.

But then I got to thinking about us and our journey.  Folks, do you feel like you are doing your best everyday?  Now I am not asking if you are perfect everyday or if you are not ALL-IN everyday because we all need mental breaks (before someone jumps all over me for it) but rather, do you push yourself to be the best version of you that you can be?

Then after you ask yourself that question, ask yourself this … what is your best?  Is your best what others have created for you?  Do you compare yourself to others like sports athletes, movie stars, models or other famous figures or your co-workers or friends or even family?  Why are you comparing yourself to them?  YOU are the only person that matters in this game and if you are comparing yourself to YOU then you will always strive to be YOUR best and staying in your lane and knowing that might truly be helpful in our journeys.

I do this all the time and I am working on this every day … I compare all the time to other dudes working the plan and the consistent weight loss they have had or the ripped muscles they have obtained and I compare over and over.  I have to stop the trend.  I have to change the game.

BE THE HERMIT CRAB today … push YOURSELF to YOUR limits and do great things today.

6 thoughts on “Be the best version of YOU and not what others say you need to be … stop comparing.

  1. Thanks again, Shane. Your Coffetalks are one of the biggest inspirations in my journey. I mean it! Like in a rotating top 3: my “why”, my coworker that can talk me down off a ledge and YOU! I can’t thank you enough! Just wanted you to know that. 🙂 Congrats on all your successes, too…you, Sir, are rockin’ all of us!! Have a great day! Jody G. from Iowa

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  2. Hmmmm….I do this all the time! I was playing pickle ball tonight and while waiting my turn I noticed two women in cute tennis skirts. I wear long shorts. I started to become envious. But I look good, I feel good and I am progressing toward my own personal goal. (10 lbs away) Your talk today made me realize that I am ME. End of story! Thank you!

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