Are you ready for when you have to “navigate the wobble”?

Good morning friends, family and warriors out there across the land.  I am here as the skies are opening gray and cloudy and cool this morning in Maine but the birds are still chirping, and the grass is still green and I have my cup of dark roast in tow so all is right in the world.

The past few #coffeetalk entries, we have been talking about the brainwork in investing in yourself and how we are to build ourselves up and think in the positives and affirmations instead of breaking ourselves down like we humans like to do.

This one is about what to do when the “wobble” happens and the ground starts shaking a bit and life deals you crappy cards.  Because, no matter how much you avoid it, life will deal you crappy cards in the future.

I have always believed that we learn the most in our lives when the knees are wobbling, not breaking, wobbling.  We learn how to improve on coping skills, we learn our defense mechanisms and we learn who we truly are when the going gets tough.

Yesterday on the way home, I was chatting with my sister and we were discussing internal problems family and work wise that are emotional and difficult, then I call my wife and she tells me some family news that is stressful and overbearing and the first thought that ran through my mind is, I want to slide right into that fast food drive-thru and eat my feelings.

This is the wobble.

I didn’t go through the drive-thru, instead I grabbed the protein bar that I had on the ready (because I was actually hungry from a training all day) and drank my big jug of water and I drive all the way home where I had a healthy meal with my family when I got home.  This was a victory, I changed my mindset to not fall into old habits because I remembered my whys and remembering this is ll worth the investment.

This is real life.  Celebrate your mindful decisions.  Remember your mindful decisions.  Use your mindful decisions for future decisions you will have to make.

Have a great day everyone!

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