What is the one thing that you are most proud of?

Good morning all my hard working friends out there across the land.  I am here with my Yeti mug filled with some dark roast with a hint of sugar-free sweet italian cream creamer and it is perfect to carry with me on my first day back to work in a long while.

Yesterday, the #coffeetalk was all about making a conscious effort to combat every single negative thing that you say to yourself with a positive comment or reaction in return and change the path that you take with your self bashing that many of us do.  We also talked about doing this for 30 days to create a habit of positive talk and being your own best advocate.

This is part two of that challenge on this Monday.  Write down one thing that you are most proud of yourself with.  It can be anything an it can be something that is plentiful but either way list ONE item or characteristic or trait that you are most proud of about yourself.  Then I want you to leave your characteristic or trait or skill in the comments of this post, so others can be inspired or even lean in if they struggle in the area that you are most strong in.

If it takes you a long time to come up with one thing, then there is your issue and you need to dig in on investing in yourself an if it rolls off the tongue, then list your top 5 to challenge your thought process.

Try this today on top of yesterdays and let’s see if we can get the brain moving the right direction to success.

Thanks and have a great day.

10 thoughts on “What is the one thing that you are most proud of?

  1. I had Hodgkin lymphoma when I was 21. I was a fat, quiet, girl that never went against the grain. I am proud that I took that challenge, found my voice and throughout the years have become the outspoken woman that I am. At 50 I have a wonderful family, good friends, and now I am ready to start living my life as a thinner healthy version of me and kick butt when I’m finally able to retire (not for awhile though lol).

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  2. Most proud of the family I have raised…a teacher,a son who is in the physical therapy field, a son who works with autistic children,all caregivers in their own way….following in mom’s footsteps as I have been a certified nurses assistant working with the elderly for 23 yrs…..

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  3. I am a truly positive person. After losing a close family member and dealing with my husband’s illnesses over the years, I try to live “in the now” each day. I tried to enjoy nature, my family, my friends, my Zumba people and neighbors. I always have a smile for anyone I meet. 🙂

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