Why are we so critical and use the phrase “yeah but” so often in our lives?

Good morning everyone out there!  I am waking to the birds chirping outside on this sunny Sunday Maine morning and it is something to behold.  I love waking up with my coffee in hand and taking in the peacefulness and the serenity to be honest because life can get pretty damn hectic.

Yesterday I was having a conversation and I heard the phrase “yeah but” and it got me thinking about something that I needed to write about here on the blog and chat about on the podcast.

Why are we “yeah but” people?  Why are we wired to not accept greatness or positivity when it occurs and always am shunning it or breaking it down with negative words or thoughts?  I don’t understand why we are this way?  Were we brought up this way?  Did we create this persona when we were growing up so we weren’t impacted as much when things didn’t go our way?

How often do we wake up ready to take on the world and then the first thought we have about ourselves is negative or condescending?  When we look in the mirror, do we see a rock star trying to make changes for the better in our lives or do we see someone who is mediocre and is failing at a bunch of things?

Here is the project today and something to try for the entire week, if you have a negative thought about yourself or your journey, immediately counteract it with a positive one that celebrates in who you are.  Try it.  See if it changes your mindset of how you think of yourself or how you set yourself up for failure or success moving forward.

Also, take inventory, jot down how many negative things that you say about yourself and how many positive things you say and see where you land each day.  Give yourself a reality check that it is not ok to BULLY YOURSELF!  Change your mindset and treat yourself with kindness and a caring spirit and you never know what you can accomplish in life when you do because you are already starting to BELIEVE in yourself.

It takes 30 days to do something over and over again to change your behaviors and create a habit, so try this for thirty days and see how you can change your outlook and your outcome by being a positive influence rather than a detractor and negative one.

Have a great day.

2 thoughts on “Why are we so critical and use the phrase “yeah but” so often in our lives?

  1. Well said! As a man/woman thinks so is he! Being positive can sometimes be as hard as eating right! But being positive about ourselves is very important for our success in whatever we do!

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