Can you eat what you want and still lose weight and be healthy?

Good morning folks out there in the land of clicks and screens!!  I am sitting here on my first morning back from being away for the past 9 days and it feels good to have my sugar-free sweet italian cream creamer in tow reflecting on the past week and a half.

I went to my weigh-in this morning and was pleasantly surprised that I was down 3.4 pounds after enjoying myself in Boston and in Calais Maine and eating things that I normally would not have but doing it smartly.  I was mindful of all of the situations that I was in front of and I was able to make sound decisions as to what was happening.

I always talk about how I cannot do this if I can’t sustain it and part of that is eating some of the things that I enjoy eating.  So instead of the way I used to do it by diving into multiples of items and over indulging, I now grab a portion of what I used to so I can  satiate the urge that I have just not sliding down the rails of food addiction.

There is a level of balance when this is all happening, some feel that if I don’t remove all bad foods from my life I will be the same person that I was before and I, being a food addict know that is an easy line to cross, so being mindful of that as well is important and relevant to our journey.

Now, I am not saying that tracking religiously or meticulously is a method that doesn’t work, but what I am saying that, for me, I have to balance things out and indulge sometimes a bit to make this a sustainable and long-term plan for success.

You do what works for you and the only thing that I will add-on is to track everything … if you indulge, track it.  If you snack, track it.  It helps you in reflection and in preparation to know what happens when certain foods occur.

Have a great day today and know that you can work whatever plan you are working and live life at the same time!

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