Taking chances are totally worth the investment.


Good morning to each and every one of you pretty epic people out there in the land of tablets and phones reading some of this.  As I sit here on our family’s camp on the lake in northern Maine for the week (cant record videos with poor reception), I have a cup of coffee in tow and even if it is camp coffee, it tastes even better because we are on a lake fishing and spending good quality time.

The thoughts I have today are way too many to list but the one area that I wanted to talk about was taking chances.  You know, anytime that we are looking to challenge ourselves we are worried and concerned with the fact that we will fail, fall or crash and get hurt.  Why do we do this?  What is the reason that we are afraid to jump in head first … is it because we don’t want to scrape our knee or bruise our body in some sort?

This past weekend, we witnessed an amazing camaraderie and connection in the city of Boston and throughout the country with the #bropocolypse2017 that occurred in Saugus, MA.  This whole event that brought THOUSANDS together to connect and share and laugh and cry, was all because people weren’t afraid to TAKE CHANCES.  The work that would occur from it, the backlash that people might get, the logistics of creating a place for people to come to, and all kinds of other things that COULD go wrong, didn’t go wrong.

Nope the risks were taken, and the decision made and after it was all said and done, it was one of the most powerful, amazing and successful moments of my LIFE.  If we didn’t take the risk originally last year and then keep it going this year, it would have never happened and we would have been sitting like we were yesterday but instead, our hearts are filled our souls are recharged and the batteries are refreshed … all because we TOOK A CHANCE.

The power of stepping outside of our comfort zones sometimes cannot be quantified but rather can be shown through how it made us feel.  And I feel fulfilled and amazed and humbled.

So, for all of those that drove 13+ hours or flew 7 hours across the country for our little swaree, you have no idea how much we appreciate each and every one of you and look forward to what the future will hold.

Take chances today, you will not regret it … even if you skin your knee a little doing it 😉

4 thoughts on “Taking chances are totally worth the investment.

  1. Love reading this today Shane! Thank you…….I watched the live feed this past weekend (and saved it for my low days when I need some motivation) thank you all for sharing your stories and I hope to one day attend a bropoc so please keep doing them!!!

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