What exactly is persistance? Why is it so important?

Good morning to all of you hard-working warriors out there fighting the good fight.  I am hanging here with my delicious and powerful dark roast coffee with a splash hint of sugar-free sweet Italian sweet cream creamer (that is a complete mouthful but it is worth it) and I am ready to get after it today.

So, as you can see the theme of this #coffeetalk is persistence.  I want to focus first on what persistence really means so I am grabbing the definition from the dictionary and it is listed as this:  The quality of persisting, tenacity.

Would you consider yourself tenacious when it comes to this journey?  Would you place that type of energetic and relentless word when it comes to your path that you are taking to lose weight, be healthy and live a longer and richer life?

It is interesting because I listened to someone using this term to describe someone as persistent when it came to sales during a role play session at work.  It was used in a negative term (surprisingly) and it really got me thinking about the person that they were describing that was doing exactly what their job was and was doing it well to be called tenacious or persistent.  They were not going to take a no for an answer unless they tried like hell to get to the goal at hand.

I cannot say that I personally can use this term in my journey and it really got me thinking.  How many times have you seen people posting gym photos and running photos and you looked at them and were like, That’s not me they are probably putting in hours and hours of work to get to where they are and we even look at them as “overdoing it” or “achieving goals I never could”.  I am only being honest here.

But, what if we reframe that mindset and that type of talk to they are tenacious and hard-working and dedicated to the cause that they are working on and they are not going to take no for an answer to get to their physical goals that they are shooting for.  They WONT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.

This is something that I truly need to work on .. my tenacity.  I need to make sure that no matter what, and no matter how long it takes, I am not going to give up on myself and I am NOT GOING TO TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.  I will fight like hell working for my health, for my family and for my life.

Be tenacious.  Be persistent. You deserve it.


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