Our busy lives can be broken down into great little moments but if you dont slow down, you will miss them.

Good Thursday morning to all of you out there … I hope you are finding it to be peaceful and relaxing much like mine is this morning.  I am the first up in the house today (usually the wife is the first up and about but she is sleeping in today) so coffee is made and the birds are with me.

Over the past couple of days I have been in team meetings and spending time with my co-workers team building and having a jam-packed two days.  Since the fact it was for work and we were jamming everything in to a short time frame, we wanted to get everything into this small window, so it seemed rushed or it seemed extremely busy but now that I am reflecting on the two days, I found that I had many little moments that were pretty incredible and I was not necessarily appreciating them as we were doing them.

Even in the parts where we were building our skill sets around work, there were so many moments I would have missed that were impactful, engaging and I learned more than just about work.

The reason that I am sharing this with you all is because I took the time to reflect on these two days and not just surface level, but rather diving in deep to see what I learned and how it impacted me.  We need to remember this when we are traveling this journey called life.  We cannot let it just slip by without living in the moment and embracing all the “little things that are happening in your life”.

The words of Ferris Bueller can best summarize it up and what I am thinking in my brainwork today “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”

Remember to reflect and live in the moment.  I know this has been a theme before here on CoffeeTalk but it is so important because when we are grinding and we are getting after it, we forget that there is this beautiful thing called life happening all around us with trees, water, friends and family.  Enjoy it.

Have a great day.


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