Are you putting cash into your emotional bank or are you always taking withdrawals out?

Top of this Sunday morning to all of my fellow journeymen and women out there!!  As I sit here with my cuppa dark roast with that special little hint of sweet italian cream creamer, I am looking forward to a day of family time, yard work and getting things done today!

Yesterday was a great day for me because I had the opportunity to go out and get on a boat and travel 45 minutes to a small island called Jewell island here in Maine right on the outer edge of the coast and we worked with the Maine Island Trail team and we were tasked with cleaning out the trail, cutting back brush, picking up garbage and placing signs on the island about land conservation … we also were able to go to the beaches and pick up all the debris that has washed up on the shore like broken lobster traps, garbage and hundreds of plastic water bottles.

It was a small way for me to be involved in my community, give back to this amazing state and add fuel to my heart because I was doing something good.  Now, it was labor intensive, took about 6 hours out of my Saturday away from family and was hot ans humid and we had to cover ourselves with tick repellent which all don’t sound like great things but when I got home, my heart was full.  I had fed my heart with food much like I need to feed myself healthy things for the body.

Now the thing that I reflected on was, how often are we really investing in our heart?  How often are we going through the motions of work life and forgetting to take this moments for yourself to reflect or breathe it in?  How often are we so busy taking care of everything that needs to get done that we forget to smell the roses and take a mental break and soak it all in?  Are you always taking things out of the internal bank and never putting deposits in .. are you getting overwithdrawn?

You can see where I am going with this.  I think that if you are prepping our meals for this week, if you are mapping our your gym time/walk time for this week, as you are filling your calendar with appointments and schedules, remember to incorporate some soul food folks.  Remember to book some time for meditation, a massage, a bubble bath, volunteering, doing for others or whatever it is that makes you feel good and can help feed the soul and recharge your batteries.

Then the other key, don’t forget to follow through with it and not let the insanity of life get in the way of your success in achieving those soul feeding activities.  Because, you completely deserve every ounce of it.

Make it a great day everyone!!

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