In less than two weeks, there will be a little get-together in Boston called #Bropocolypse 2017 but I need something from all of you

Good morning to all of you hard-working, dedicated, battle fighting champions out there fighting the good fight.  I have my first line of defense in hand with the hard-hitting cuppa joe and I am ready to run through the paper like at the homecoming game and attack the day!!

This coffee talk is all about asking you all for a favor, on the first weekend in August, as many of you know and are probably aware of, there are a lot of people who are meeting in Boston (Saugus, MA to be exact) for our second annual event called #Bropocolypse2017 where we get together to meet, greet, connect and get to know people from all over the country.  And I wanted to do something fun while all kinds of people were there together with names like Mudhustler, Kelhett, LittleRedTrike, Lisa Allison, Heavens13 and many others, there will be a lot of inspiration and people that are fighting the good fight and have a great story to tell.

I will be bringing my computer and microphones down with me and (with their permission of course) will be doing short interviews with some of these folks and I am looking to you all for some assistance with that process.  I mean, I could ask them the basic questions of “What’s your story or whats your why?” but I need some good questions that you all want to know.  Most of these people are pretty open about their journeys anyway but I need 2-3 questions that you want to ask them whether it is weight loss related, journey related or life in general.

So, when I get back, I can use some of the clips to broadcast on my podcast which, if you haven’t checked out or seen, please do me a favor and check it out by:

On android: Download the Podbean app and then searching for Liquidshano1973coffeetalk or following the link and you can subscribe to it so you have the audio on the go and will alert you every time I publish a new podcast.

On Apple: On your iPhone or iPad you will see a purple icon that is labeled podcasts and you can click on that and then you can search for Coffeetalk with Liquidshano1973 and it should come up for you to subscribe.  Or you can search in iTunes as well and subscribe.

Here is the way I need questions (as many you would like) to be submitted, you can send your questions to or click Here and I will compile them.  You can ask either general questions for anyone that I do a coffeetalk with or you can be specific to someone who you know will be going to the event.

I think this will be a fun way to Connect more and make us ALL feel like you are in Boston for the weekend with us, and also learn some tidbits and maybe best practices to help us all in our health journey.

I appreciate all of you and I hope that you will be able to help me on this mission.

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