Take inventory of who is in your “tribe” supporting you and not detracting from you.

Good Wednesday morning to all of you as I am rising and shining in the foggy and damp morning here in Scarborough, ME.  I have my coffee in tow that consists of my trusty dark roast with a splash of sugar-free sweet italian cream in a mug that was sent to me from some friends I have met along the way in this health journey.

So, speaking of friends I have met along the way, I feel that this is something that I talk about every once in a while and it conjures up some emotion for the most part both good and bad and I will receive support and some backlash but I am ok with it because if it sparks thought and some dialogue then we are doing this thing right.

In reference to an old Whodini hip hop song from when I was growing up, Friends, how many if us have them?  (Now that song is stuck in my head) but ask yourself that question, who are your true friends?  Who are the people who support you through thick and thin?  Who are the people that support you whether you are heavy or skinny?  Who doesn’t try to sabotage you to make themselves feel better?  Who is in your corner when you are having a tough time with words of encouragement?

How about family?  OOooooo now this is a tough one because we really can’t do much about our family but, do you have family that sabotage and derail you or talk poorly about your decisions for your health journey?  How about family that submit self-doubt and negativity because they feel that they need to be “tough” on you because they are your family?

Ok now that you have taken some inventory, who are the people who you are listening to?  Who are the people you look to for guidance?  Are the negative people and the people who are always breaking you down the ones that you are closest to?  Maybe it is time to change that scenario in your life.  Maybe you need to start to surround yourself with people that are going to enhance your journey and not detract from it.  Maybe you need to clean up your house a bit and not necessarily disown those that are less supportive but rather, separate yourself from them a bit and not rely on them as much.

Find your tribe.  Find your supporters.  Find the people who will add value to your life and not subtract from it.  If you don’t have a good support group, then go and find one, you deserve it.  Lean in on social media, and Connect and NFLN.  Do whatever it takes to connect with and build your small army that will help you battle and go to war in this journey WITH you not against you.

I have disassociated myself from some family and LOTS of friends because I found myself feeling guilty or “less than” when I was around them and I cannot have this when I am fragile at times myself in this journey.  I need support.

Lastly, reach out to those that ARE supportive and mean something to you TODAY and let them know.  Tell them how much they mean to you.  You never know what that will do for them today .. maybe they really need the encouragement.

Have a great day folks.


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5 thoughts on “Take inventory of who is in your “tribe” supporting you and not detracting from you.

  1. My thinking is that some people are friends and some people are allies. There’s a difference, and we need to seek out and connect with those allies!

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  2. From the book, “When I Loved Myself Enough” by Kim McMillen…..”When I loved myself enough I began leaving whatever wasn’t healthy . This meant people, jobs, my own beliefs and habits—anything that kept me small. My judgement called it disloyal Now I see it as self-loving.

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  3. This is so very true! I am so glad you talked about this because people really need to evaluate who they are letting speak into their lives. This is exactly why I left a very toxic building and transferred to a new one (I work in the school district). I am so much happier and it really efffects all aspects of my journey. Thanks!

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