What is exactly “doing your best”

Good morning my crew from around the world!  I hope that this July 18th, 2017 is one that is filled with good things, amazing experiences and successful ventures.  I am here with my dark roast coffee and framing up how my day is going to go ahead of time so I can have a resemblance of order.

I feel like it is important to discuss a topic that I have heard folks saying over the past week or so, including my own son and that is the words, “I’m doing my best”.

This phrase can be used in many situations like when someone doesn’t win at a game or competition and they say, I did my best.  Or someone truly believes that they gave it their all and they didn’t meet the deadline or target and it is used as a consolation to help them feel better (when internally we are our own worst critic again and we are down and out).    It can also be a rallying cry from a coach or a leader for the team of people to give it their all and do their best and put it all out there in the desire to achieve their goals.

Now how do you say it, if you say it, to yourself in your journey.  Are you doing your best that you are capable of?  Are you digging into that second reserve when you are working out and pushing through the mental wall that you are facing?  Are you applying yourself to be the best employee at your job that you can possibly be having a CAN-DO attitude about everything and jumping into any situation with full gusto?  Are you being the BEST parent that you can be for your kid(s) and I mean REALLY giving your all to be the most supportive and caring and guiding and directing parents that you can be?

You see where I am going with this.  Not everyone’s best is the same and it is not something that is measurable except by YOU.  Are you giving everything that you have to the cause that you are fighting for?  Are you TRULY giving and doing your best or are you doing enough to get by?  Are you doing enough to get the job done but knowingly hand in the project not up to your par that you know that you are capable of?

Think about these things with your health journey as well folks, are we giving half-assed efforts or full, all-in efforts that can achieve great things?  Are we pushing our limits or are we going through the grind of tracking and eating something here and there that we should be tracking more?  Are we becoming more lazy as tie progresses and then telling ourselves that we are doing our best?

You are capable of great things in whatever you want to accomplish, now you have to apply yourself to get there.

Have a great day everyone


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10 thoughts on “What is exactly “doing your best”

  1. I’m trying to get your blogs sent directly to my email and though I’ve put my email address above, several times over the past few days, I still haven’t received one! I’m deaf and cannot listen to your podcasts so the emails are ideal. Keep on keeping on!


  2. Interesting food for thought and a timely topic. Some more things to consider… is it possible to give your all, do your absolute best in everything you do everyday? Maybe on some days. Many are overwhelmed by work, family, personal issues that it’s hard to do it all, All the time. I think to strive for one’s best is an achievement in and of itself. I like to think I’m doing my best but on reflection at the end of the day, I can’t beat myself up for not reaching that standard. Life goes on, and onward and upward we go!

    Thanks for your daily missives, they also hit the mark!

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    1. Hi there Nancy .. I completely agree .. I think that is why I stated that YOUR 100% may be different than others and this is just a reflection if you think you can get a little more out of what your best is. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  3. This is an amazing topic. I myself had “redefined my best” lately due to hubby’s chronic illness and my role as caregiver…..the results showed up this week on “that gray box”! I wasn’t happy. Before I left my meeting, I made some tough decisions and this coffee talk truly helped confirm that my thinking was getting back on track! Thanks Shane and keep on blogging!

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