How are you treating yourself after you fall down?

Good morning my friends and family out there in the land of clicks and mouse drags!!  I am here enjoying my cuppa dark roast with a splash of the goodness that is sweet Italian sweet cream creamer.  I am also drinking it from a mug that was sent to me from a gentleman in Tennessee that does his own pottery and it is amazing so, thank you Kelly for that gift!!

Ok now onto the topic at hand.  Let’s play out a scenario … you’re a mom or a dad and your kid is riding on his bike or big wheel and the bike malfunctions and your child is thrown from the bike onto the pavement and really scrapes themself up good (no major major injuries of course … this isn’t a morbid, downer moment geeesh) you go over to your child to help them and how do you respond?  Do you give the loving care that your child deserves, making sure they are ok and really helping them in their traumatic time that they are going through?  Do you shower them with kisses or as you are applying ointment, you are showering them with “it’s ok .. you’ll be alright” ?

Now I want you to picture that you are the kid and you just fell and made some bad decisions and let the stress of life get to you or the family picnic get to you or you fell into a binge for whatever reason.  Do you treat yourself with the same care and loving and nurturing care that was earlier referenced?  Do you tell yourself that .. its ok it will be alright?  … more than likely you don’t.

More often than not we are self-defeating and beating ourselves up for the inadequacies that we have, with negative comments on how we should be ashamed or, I feel like I failed or, why am I even doing this anyway.

Stop killing yourself over mistakes … instead, be the advocate for yourself offering words of encouragement and positivity.  Stop self sabotaging and setting yourself up for failure but rather be your own BEST critic.  We need to fix that about ourselves … we need to become less critical if we fall down and more reinforcing for how far we actually rode the bike and will get back on the bike again.

Have a great day everyone.


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3 thoughts on “How are you treating yourself after you fall down?

  1. This is so important and I feel like the more times you “fall” and then get back up, the stronger you get on this and the more realistic it is. I have several people in my life that have a very healthy relationship with food and I observe their habits often. All of them overeat once in a while, the difference is they do not feel or act as if that was the end of the world or “a fall”, its not even “a thing” if you will. They don’t have any negative thoughts or words towards it, its just a day they indulged in high calorie/fat food and had more than they typically do, end of story…Period… then its back to life as usual.

    I had a binge for about a week, a couple of weeks ago. But I got back on track and maintained my “new healthier relationship” with food for about a week. Then I went to visit my daughter who is here in the states for just a short time from Germany (She’s in the army). Each meal we dined out. Today…I’m back on doing my “healthier me” routine. No bad thoughts, no criticism. Matter of fact, on my way in to work today, I practiced telling myself how good I’m doing. This new thought process is hard and it take practice. But I’m trying very hard to be positive and when the negative tries to sneak in, I try to beat it down with positiveness! You are part of this process for me! Thank you for taking time out of your day to share with all of us!

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    1. It is completely my pleasure Lucy … I think your reflection here is super important because if most of us could be in that mindset … half of the falls would not be as catastrophic … thanks for sharing. Have a great day!


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