Which lens are you looking through in your journey? A deficiency lens or a dynamic lens?

Top of the daytime to all of you hard working and energetic people out there!!  I hope you are kicking your day off with as wonderful of a cup of coffee as I have here a splash of sugar free sweet italian cream creamer as I am getting right with the day.

This evening starts my vacation and I will be away from technology a lot over the next week with a stop in here and there for all of the fellow #coffeetalk’ers out there but I was thinking about something.  I am in a giddy and happy mood with the impending vacation to Cape Cod so I am looking at things through “rose colored” glasses where nothing is really bothering me at all and it feels great.

This makes me think of our journeys and how we are approaching it each day.  I have written about lenses before but I wanted to layer it in again to re-approach the topic because of the importance of it for our sustainability to good health and positive momentum.


At my place of employement, we had a leadership training that was all about how we were showing up to the game for others and which lens we were looking through when approaching conflict, coaching or development.  A deficiency lens is one that is looking at things in a negative tone, in a not-so-good light or coming from a doubting negative place.  A dynamic lens is one that gives the benefit of the doubt, it trusts and always tries to bring a can-do attitude to the situation.

Now, tie this to your journey … are you looking this morning at yourself from a deficiency lens where you are beating yourself up, doubting yourself or self-hating yourself?  Or are you looking at yourself in a dynamic fashion where you believe you can achieve anything and you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams and goals.

Self-reflection time folks … which lens are you looking through and do you have to change out that lens or keep it in and focus in even more?

Have a great day everybody.


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