What kind of positive impact will you have on the world today?


Top of the morning to all of you out there in the land of the web and internets.  I am here with my cuppa dark roast ready to head out on a long day on the road so this is going to be a short and sweet one to set the tone of your day in the right fashion.

Yesterday, on one of my other social media platforms, there was a wonderfully important hashtag that was put out to the masses called #spreadthelove where folks would tag others and share some of the reasons why those people inspired you.  After a period of time where it has not felt so safe and kind and fun, this was a great refresher … it was a great pallette cleanser.

Let’s carry that over to today.  But instead of through social media, what kinds of things can you do for other people , in person, to #spreadthelove and show others how much they mean to you.  We are always talking about in my household, how many peoples lives we can touch whether it is as simple as a hello or high five or stopping and letting them know specifically.

Today, put a focus on that … what kind of impact will you make on the world today and how will you do it … will you pay for the person behind you in the drive thru?  Will you throw extra money to the toll booth attendant to pay for the person behind you?  Will you reach out to that friend or family member that you havent talked to in forever to let them know how much you care?


Whatever the choice is, embrace it and jump in … ALL IN.  I know one of my goals for the day will be to wave or say hello to the majority of people I meet today along with giving out 25 high fives today.  That is my goal .. with all this hate and vitreol we need some positivity in our lives.  Share this and #spreadthelove !!

Have a great day

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