What exactly does “sustainable” mean and why is it important?

Good morning everyone, I hope that your fourth of July long weekend was filled with memories and great times with those people who you love.  It was a great weekend here for reflection and time well spent together and I needed every minute of it.  I am now here about to kick off my Wednesday with a cup of french dark roast swirled with a splash of sugar-free sweet italian cream creamer that is just right.

I hear and read people all the time telling us how they want to lose weight by a certain date and more often when they first start, they want to lose a lot fast to get to where they want to go.  Why do you think that is?  Is it impatience?  Are we trained in today’s society for instant gratification?  When did we become so short termed and quick results minded?

Remember back in the day when the old adage was, you work hard, you stay consistent and good things will come to you?  I just want to know where that went?  I mean, it took some of us lifetimes to gain weight and become unhealthy how can we expect it to come off on a few months?  I don’t think that a lot of us start this journey with realistic and attainable expectations that we might have had.

As many have progressed and worn the title of “turtle” as a badge of honor, some have really embraced the fact that this health thing takes work and time to progress and get to where they might want to go.  Those that have embraced this are probably even more likely to succeed because if you make small impacts rather than big, sweeping ones, then you are probably more likely to succeed in the long-term.

When people use the term sustainable, it is something that resonates because I am SICK and TIRED of losing then gaining and losing and then gaining and sliding every ten minutes.  I need something that will be for long-term and even if slower than expected can be something that I can continue to see progress with and long term sustainability.

So the moral of this story is, embrace the small changes, be patient with what you are doing and stop trying to spray a firehose of water stream into a small hole.  Turn the power to the water down and take it slow and steady … it will make less mess and get the job done more efficiently and effectively in the long run.

Have a great day.

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