What does it really mean to hit the reset button or start over?

June 26th, 2017 #coffeetalk

Good morning to all my family and friends out there in computerland.  I am chillaxing here early morning about to head out to work and hit the road but I wanted to catch up with all of you first with my coffee in hand and am ready to kick some bootay today.

I was talking to a friend on WW today and we were chatting about some of the very poor decisions he felt he made over the weekend and we were talking about living life and not depriving himself and what his mindset is and needs to be.  But, there was one thing that he told me and it stuck out in my brain … he said well I get to press the reset button on Monday so he was all good and wasn’t tooooo worried about the situation.

So, this got me thinking in a coffeetalk kind of way.  Do some look at our journey as a reset and press of a button each week while on program?  Do we play in the sandbox a lot and get crazy always thinking that we are going to press the reset to get back “focused” until the next time that he will need to hit the reset.

I think psychologically it plays with my head when I say things like that … I make myself feel that I can binge or slide into old habits because I can reset tomorrow.  Now I know this works for a lot of people but remember, I am really talking about myself here.  I don’t think I need to look at it as a reset but rather a learn from it to arm myself moving forward for this to work long term, I have to treat pitfalls not as failures but as character builders or learning opportunities so I won’t have to think about restarting or resetting.

Think about it, do I walk up to a stove burner as a kid and burned my finger, did I just hit the reset button the next day and go right back to that burner again and burn myself?  No right?

Just think about that when you are progressing through your week, learn from your pitfalls and mistakes or falls, it is the only way that you will be able to sustain this journey and build your “health portfolio” to attack anything.

Have a great day everyone out there.

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7 thoughts on “What does it really mean to hit the reset button or start over?

  1. Personally (and this is just ME), I do not believe in “tomorrow” as a starting point. I believe in the power of NOW.


  2. I’ve been thinking about this a lot…and that once I say “reset tomorrow,” it’s a very slippery slope for ME…pretty soon I find myself falling into the cycle of “it doesn’t matter if I eat this, I’ll reset tomorrow.” Your post struck a cord with me!

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  3. Thank you! I’ve said this (something similar at least) ever since I came back to WW. I am living a new Lifestyle and that Lifestyle allows me to have times when I indulge. Like Janet said, it’s a very slipper slope for me too… Thanks for sharing your coffee with us 🙂

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  4. I came back to this today because I can not hear this message too much. The thought of armor is very empowering and I’m going to work toward getting some and putting it on. Mostly want to say thanks for your daily motivational, informative and helpful messages. Have a good one!

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