Much like plants that we have in the garden: If you ain’t growing then your dyin’

Good morning all my internet friends out there in lala land.  I am here with my cup of dark roast and I feel like the planets are aligned with the birds chirping and my tomato plants rising above the third tier of the cage that sits around them.

The reason that I am bringing up the tomato plants is because there is growth there.  I am internally patient for the fact that they are not producing fruit yet but the plant is growing with time and sun and water.  But no matter what the time that it is taking, they are growing and flourishing.

Of course what would happen if I didn’t take care of them and water them and feed them every morning, they would eventually lose their luster and pass on to wilt and die.

This concept is the same for us.  If we are growing, challenging and feeding ourselves in the right way then we are starting to flourish but if we are not challenging ourselves to think differently or stay true to our goals or drive ourselves to be better, then we are eventually gonna fade as well.

Invest in yourself, water your plant, feed your soil, challenge yourself to be better today, don’t just sit by idly and hope that great things will come because more than likely it will not come.  You need to go and get it and feel the soul and set yourself on a course of growth.

Have a great day today on this #throwbackthursday

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