Think about the fact that you have an opportunity to change the direction of history … How awesome is that?

Good morning folks.  I hope that you are rising and shining on the right side of the bed this Wednesday morning.  I am sitting here with a cup of dark roast coffee swirled with some of my favorite sugar free sweet italian cream creamer.  When this occurs each morning, it makes all right in the world for me so I hope you are finding your zen this morning as well.

Now, first of all, I want you to celebrate for a moment.  I want you to look at the fact that you are reading this or watching this from whatever medium you are whether it is Connect, NFLN or the blog for a reason, and whatever that reason is takes work, dedication and time.  Be proud of the fact that you are here trying to better yourself.

Next, I want to make sure that no matter how far you are in your journey, there is always a time to make changes in your life for the better.  All it takes is the right frame of mind and the will to make it happen.  I say this because we all need a calibration at times in our journey of life and we need a refocus moment.  We need to understand that the same thing over and over doesnt always work as well and we have to change direction or mix it up to gain the most out of our efforts.

Think about that though, you have an ability to change the path that history was going to take.  You have the ability to change the direction that you life was “meant to go” and move the path in another direction.  Sometimes people never get a chance to be the catalyst to change their lives and wait too long.  Sometimes people are afraid of change and like to live in “where they always have lived” in their lives because they don’t want to rock the boat or dont believe in themselves.

You have the ability and the power to control your life and take it back.  You have the ability to jump in head first and move the boulder you call your life from on place to another.

The key is that youhave to believe in yourself.  Believe in who you can become.  Believe in your abilities.  Believe in the fact that you are completely worth the investment.

Have a great day everybody and I hope you believe that you will do GREAT things today and change the course of history!!

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