When you are feeling down and out, give to others … it will snap you right back into the positive lane.


Good morning to all of my fellow webbites out there in the land of clicks and mice.  I am here at work today getting a little bit of a later start to the day with my writing but I have a cuppa joe in hand and it makes it all right and I am ready to take on the world.

For those of you that don’t know, we are doing something on Connect called the #2017summermugexchange where we logged into a website and signed up and then we are paired up with another Connectite where we learn about each other and connect with another person that is in the same place as you are and can build and possibly forge a relationship with another person.

Here is why I am sharing this with you.  It ALWAYS makes me feel so good when one person can do good for another and it always calibrates my brain to put all the “monkeys in the brain” in their place and gets me right.  I feel that you can really 1. make the world a better place in general and 2. invest in your own self to make sure that you are holistically becoming healthier.

So, if you are feeling down and out today, do something for someone else like paying for their coffee in line, or the toll fee for the person behind you, or buy someone lunch today.  Whatever it is that you will do, no matter how insignificant it may seem, may be just the thing that is needed for someone else to feel appreciated and wanted.

I share this also because it is super important in our journey.  Mental health is a portion of our addictions, or our faults.  How we can approach them is through positivity and attitude.

Thanks for reading today folks … have an amazing day and help a brotha or sista out today!!

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