How to turn adversity into growth opportunities

First of all, I hope that all the dads out there had a great day … I know I did with family all day long and was very well needed.  I am now here with my cuppa joe ready to take on the day with vim and vigor!!

Yesterday, after all of my festivities, I sat down last night and watched various video posts on NFLN and a few of the caught my eye with Tony, Christy and Yetzi all struggling with tracking, gaining or losing (when not wanting to lose for lifetime) and I found something that I shared to my business owners I consult and I want to share it with you:

“Mindset is the cornerstone—the keystone habit—to using adversity to your advantage. Mindset allows you the mental flexibility to find the seeds of growth within the (badly packaged) fruit.”

Read those words.  Do you look at difficult times and adversity as growth opportunities?  Do you look at the tough times as opportunities to grow the seeds of growth?

It is extremely important to remember that the tough times that we go through only make us stronger and wiser.  Now, I also know that no one reallllllly wants to hear me say that whenever times are tough and we really just want to punch a wall or yell at someone or something but, you have to dig in deep whenever times are tough so you can learn how to make lemons into lemonade and use each situation as a skill builder.

So, with that being said, here are a couple of my tried and true techniques that I use to help when the noise starts happening in life:

1  Slow down.  When times get tough and you start with bad habits like binge eating or not tracking, dig into why it is happening and slow down the process … the old adage of slow down your chewing and swallowing food will help with feeling satiety and full.

2.  Grip your whys tight and hold them close to the vest so you can tap into them when times get rough.

3.  Reflect and write it down.  You need to jot down feelings and triggers to be sure you can reflect on them when the next situation occurs (and it will happen)

It sounds like the three listed above needed to just talk it out and they have a good plan to attack it and hit it in the face like Beastmode peeps but, it is also good to reflect on for those that aren’t in the much right now because you WILL be in the muck in the future and the more you have in your armor and warrior tool belt the better off you will be.

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Have a great day!

2 thoughts on “How to turn adversity into growth opportunities

  1. Persevere

    1. Failing is Common to Humanity – Failing enforces humility. Failing doesn’t make you a failure.
    2. Frustration is the Emotional Weight Room – It builds stability. Stop looking in the rear view mirror at the gory days and the glory days. Look through the windshield.
    3. Fortitude is the Difference Maker in Difference Makers – Courage in the middle of Pain. Promotes agility.

    These are the sermon notes from our pastor’s message on Sunday. It was amazing and fits in perfectly with your Coffee Talk!

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