Remember the old adage, if it was easy everyone would do it? This is our life and our journey.

IMG_4793Oh man it is a great Friday morning here in Scarborough, ME even though it is overcast and cool, I woke up living and breathing and ready to take on this 6/16/2017 like no other.  I have my coffee in hand and my breskfast sammich on the ready to take on this day and kick some tail.

You know, I was thinking of something yesterday when I was talking to someone about weight watchers and the journey that I have been on my entire life and one of the things that the other person stated to me was “all those diets are so tough” they evern sarcastically muttered “we are all gonna die anyway so might as well enjoy it while we are above ground” .. this totaly got my gears going and my head a little spinning.

I thought to myself this is the mentality in my last attempts over and over when I hit a plateau and didnt feel like my body could get through the toough times to go where I wanted it to go … might as well just eat poorly and enjoy it (which then I put back on anything I lost from before then some)

Then I thought about my journey this time around and how, even though I have flatlined for a long time, I am also working the plan, exercising and getting after it all.  I am putting in the effort it takes to maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.  Has it been easy … NOPE.  Has it been worth it … YUP.  Is it going to continue to take work and effort to keep it going for the rest of my life and I embrace that fact and I enjoy my new lifestyle … I feel healthier, I feel stronger, I feel like I CAN do things rather than CANT.

So, remember it is going to take HARD WORK and when times get tough it is totally worth hunkering down and grinding it out because when you get to where you want to go, you will be able to “enjoy” the view a whole lot easier and will be a whole lot more gratifying.

Have a great Friday peeps … lets go get em today!

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